Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Visualize white miso

I think I'm starting to get a more discerning taste with food.  I've been purified from my old hot dog and bologna ways and I'm tasting from a "cleaner" palate now.  I was at a restaurant with my son, scared? Don't be!  I had Navy Bean soup and salad!! and I got Greek salad dressing on my salad.  I was a little disappointed though because the oil in the dressing tasted old.  Old oil.  Me, I tasted old oil.  Hahahahaha, do you know how funny this is to me?  Old days my sister-in-law would TELL me there's old oil in my dressing and I'd try real hard to taste it and eat it anyway because I couldn't tell what she was talking about!!  So I ate my soup (delicious!) and NOT my salad.  Wow, it takes me a way shorter time to make up my mind ordering.  Out of a 200 item menu, there's now really only three things I can order and usually at least 1 of them inevitably ends up being vegetable stir fry.  It's like the chef's everywhere become flumexed when trying to think of a vegan meal.  "you know, let them have a stir fry".  That's okay, I like stir fry.  But my friend and I went to a Chinese restaurant and I had bean curd in a delicious hot sauce. Hello, I think I've found a new craving!!  Great 'cause every fat girl needs a craving, right?  Wrong!!  I'm trying to scrap that condition.  Could I be PMS'ing?  Maybe, but I'm not as harpyish as I normally am at that time.  Tess said she used to get PMS, but not after becoming vegan.  Could veganism be the Dr. Feelgood we've all waited for?  IF I could bottle this I'd be a MILLIONAIRE.  And then Rick couldn't yell at me anymore about money.  Which he hasn't because veganism has cured my indulgent, spendy ways.  Want a bottle?  Well, maybe I'm not completely cured, but at least I've been better!! ;)  Speaking of being spend conscious- I've been trying to do some price comparisons on my healthy food.  You know what I decided?  I live in the black hole of health.  If you don't believe me, come around here on Dingus Day.  Pretty much everyone charges about the same prices.  I'm on the hunt for white miso, because I want to make this one salad dressing from RHIW.  It's very frusterating when you can't find an ingredient.  We'll never get a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, because the business people will come during Dingus Day and see all the sausage and eggs and decide nobody wants to be healthy here and they'll leave.  I forgot to try to be positive.  Okay, maybe they'll come on Dingus Day and see all the drunk people eating sausage and eggs and say:  "we have to help these poor, sad, unhealthy people" and they'll build 2 stores each right away!  Either way I'm not getting my white miso any time soon darn it!  Visualize the miso.  Visualization is a tool to use during this 2 week cleanse I'm participating (starting week 2 thank you!) in.  I'm no stranger to visualization.  During my pregnancy after I lost my baby Seth to stillbirth, I did yoga and would use visualization.  I imagined a white light protecting my baby in my womb.  It might have helped because that was my first son Logan.  So I've been using it again to help me stay centered during this crazy transitioning time for me.  I don't even know why I stopped because it is an extremely helpful way to destress.  It was a busy, stressful day today, I need to go visualize.  Let's look at stats:

Hunger:  Weird, I'm either really hungry or not at all.
Mood:  Good, a little stressed.
Cravings:  Bean Curd!
Health:  Yay!!  All back to normal!

Well, wish me luck on week 2 of the cleanse and week 3 on veganism.  I'm afraid it will be hard to top the 21 pounds from before.  I'm a little nervous about it actually.  Ahhh, time to visualize!!  Goodnight everybody, be happy =)



  1. Hummm...I never heard of Dingus Day..I thought it was a fictitious day until I Googled it!! I thought you were describing where I live and(getting excited)I thought we might be neighbors but, alas, no Dingus Day here :( I guess you don't have an Asian Market there?

    I'm thinking there is no need for you to be anywhere near nervous...you are doing great and more importantly feeling great!

  2. Hahahaha, Tracy!! We really need to connect =) Are you on FB? If so, shoot me a friend request to Danielle Dutoi Schmidt. Thanks for your comments!!

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