Sunday, January 31, 2010

"That's obese!"

I held my breath and stepped on the "scale".  The mocking voice chirps out: "that's obese". (Yes, I'm using the WII FIT PLUS).  Well, I knew that.  But at least it's not as obese as before!!  I lost another 11 pounds!  So week 1 of the weight loss program is 11 pounds.  The 2 weeks I've been eating vegan, I started out at 266 and today's weight was 245.  That's a total of 21 pounds!!  I have to say that I really have been noticing the fat come off my stomach.  I was a little nervous at first like, really?  20 pounds in 2 weeks, is this healthy?  But I eat a lot!  I never feel hungry, sometimes I feel like oh, wow I ate too much!  In the middle of the second week I really started noticing that my stomach and thighs were shrinking.  I figured this has to be healthy because every  time I dieted in the past, I would lose weight but it took A LOT to get it off my stomach.  That was usually the LAST place it came off!!  I know I'm making big jumps now, but it will level off.  I figure my body is willing to give up the fat because it doesn't need it.  It's like I'm putting higher efficiency gas in my car.  It runs better and it's not putting out as much noxious fumes!!  (hey, and this would be true too!!).   Even though I've said (and mean) that I'm doing this for health, I can't help the little thrill of pleasure knowing that I've lost 21 pounds.  It's the difference between having heart burn and feeling good, tired and cranky to feeling energetic and positive.  It's the difference to my clothes feeling uncomfortable and tight and feeling comfortable and confident.  That's a big difference.  That's a difference that I can live without meat, dairy, chemicals & preservatives indefinitely.  I could walk out this door tomorrow and get hit by a car.  But at least, however briefly, I will have finally found the "secret" for me to live healthy.  That stupid WII Fit voice can tell me I'm obese, and I still am, but it can't read my heart.  In my heart I know I won't be obese forever if I can help it. Let's look at my stats:

Hunger:  I have really been doing good with this.  I even took veggies with me to the movie theater so I wasn't tempted or get too hungry.
Mood:  Pretty good, calm.
Cravings:  I was getting hungry and I saw McDonald's and I thought of a burger for about 60 seconds and then I was over it.
Health:  System still getting back.  At least I'm completely cleaned out!!  Energy back to good.

Looking forward to another week.  Making menus is exciting, trying a new recipe of Tess' is exciting.  I haven't been having this much fun with cooking and trying new things in a long time.  I was stuck in like the same 7 meals over and over.  If nothing else, becoming vegan has snapped me out of the dining boredom =)  Thanks for your support I hope I'm making you all proud.  Good night everyone, be healthy =)



  1. I am only a teamate but I could not be more PROUD of anyone than I am of YOU. I am thrilled and excited about the weight you have given up. I am proud of your desire to be healthy, to feel better, to want to live a full happy life, to be a light to help others find their're way great! Another week, one meal, one snack at a time!

  2. OMG!!!! I had no idea it was ANOTHER 11 lbs. I thought you just maintained the first. WOW!! You are SO going to be a rock star in my book...

    GREAT JOB!!!!!