Monday, January 25, 2010

Come on Kombucha!!

Uggh!  I ate too much tonight.  I was so hungry I over did it on the hummus.  It's funny to note that no matter what you eat, too much is still too much.  I tried a new drink today called Kombucha .  It's a fermented Chinese Tea.  I was really skeptical about it, but I really liked it!  It's really great for a lot of things: it's a probiotic, an anti-aging proponent, natural appetite suppressant, a weight loss aide, great for nails and hair.  I got the grape one and it's yummy.  But do not smell it!  It smells gross.  Kind of vinegary.  I'm trying all kinds of new things eating vegan, stuff I'd probably never would have tried before.  I'm enjoying it and am even getting into reading about the medicinalqualities of different foods.  It's really interesting!  It's been such a challenge learning to be and cook as a vegan, that I have to be more dilligent with this 2 week diet I'm on.  I feel I really tanked on it today.  I ate hummus till I was about to burst!  (still trying to find that STOP button on eating).  I also haven't exercised.  I could play fat and say I'm so large and out of shape I have to lose more to be able to do it.  That would be a lie though.  I'm perfectly capable to work out; I just don't want to!  Now on top of eating healthy, I have to exercise too??  Good grief.  And I suppose blogging doesn't count?  My fingers are flying over these keys man!  It's gotta be burning off some calories!!  On a happy note my Dad was very supportive of my vegan diet and even said he'd help me start an organic garden!  He has had many gardens in his life and is well versed in organic gardening.  It's too bad I had no real interest to learn any of that when I was young.  Better late than never!  We better do stats, 'cause I'm about falling asleep.  My husband accidently set the alarm for 6 intstead of 7 this morning!

Hunger: was fine till dinner, then Uggh!  too much.
Mood: Not bad considering my husband is yelling at me about money again!
Cravings:  None today, except for hummus.  Will I start craving my new foods now?
Health:  Good, but the hummus gave me gas, oops!!

You know, you don't have to become vegan to try different things.  Kombucha, miso soup, even hummus was not on my list of things I'd try before.  I say, break out of your comfort zone!  Challenge yourself to make something fresh, wholesome and nutritious.  It's hard for my generation.  We were the first to get fast food on a more regular basis.  We were the ones that got all the foods with a shelf life of 200 years.  We were the ones who were told to eat margarine instead of butter, only to find out it was FULL of trans fat.  Be brave, be daring. There's a fresher world out there, I swear =)  Goodnight friends, be happy!


  1. Hey Dani... one of our producers at sells Kombucha - my sister in law loves it. You should check out his stuff... let me know if you ever want any of it, I can pick it up.

  2. Your last paragraph was perfect tonight! Perfect! 3 cheers with a bottle of Kombucha for your great dad!!

  3. Mmm, I love hummus! Crap, now I want some & I don't have any! Wonder if I have the ingredients to make some....have a really easy & yummy recipe if ya ever want to try it (pretty sure it veganese!). Let me know when you want to try that chocolate cake!

    Keep up the good work....and with that stinky drink!