Sunday, January 31, 2010

My genes are too big!

My Sister, Mom and I were discussing our family genes tonight.  We really got the short end of the stick.  We come from a very long line of pretty big people.  Part of the reason I decided to try the vegan life style is because I thought that it is so radically different than anything I've done before.  Nothing seemed to work before, at least not for long.  So, now I have to throw into the mix with my bad habits, my super sized genes!!  Great, a recipe for disaster.  How can I trick my genes into letting me break free from the things that have made me unhealthy?  Total change in eating.  Not a small effort like I'll eat lean meat, but total elimination from my diet of all animal products.  That includes eggs and dairy.  I figured that perhaps if I could get rid of all the triggers that may lead back to the old ways, maybe, just maybe, I can be successful in finding a way to reverse my unhealthiness and keep my big genes at bay.  I'm doing well.  I try to take it one day at a time.  All I can do is each day commit to myself  that today I will eat healthier, live healthier be positive this day.  I try not too think way ahead; it's too daunting.  I want to try to break my big genes of doom that seem to hang over my head, giving me a reason to fail before I've even tried.  Will it work forever?  I don't know.  I have hope though.  Some old habits are changing, for example I often had snacks later at night, but I've stopped that by shooting not to eat after 7:00.  I've also been eating lighter at night for dinner.  Today for example, I was with my Mom, Sister, Aunt and Cousins.  They had a lot of delicious food I normally would have delighted in.  Some how  I managed to keep it together and have my soup.  I keep running through my head these questions:  Will it taste as good as I think?  How will eating it make me feel?  Will my health benefit from this?  Oddly enough these questions help me stay focused and looking at the big picture.  This is the first battle in changing my big genes.  Yes, DNA is there and that's hard to re-write, but we pass down way more than just that.  We pass down our eating behaviors and  methods and traditions.  If you can start changing these things that are changeable, than hopefully down the DNA line maybe someday those genes will change too.  I want smaller genes.  And jeans.  *Yawn*  Time for stats:

Hunger:  Good, I ate bigger for lunch which left me not as hungry for dinner.
Mood:  Good, I love my family =)
Cravings:  I peeked longingly at my sis's taco dip, but otherwise not too bad.
Health:  I feel better, by bowels are trying to get normal again.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  It should be exciting!!  It's nice that the weight's coming off.  It's a nice physical evidence that I'm getting healthier (it's not like I can look at my liver!).  Good night everyone, be healthy =)



  1. Smart questions, Brilliant answers!! That is a very hard thing- to sit and watch others eating something that you like and only 2 weeks ago you would have been having. I am amazed and excited where you are today!! You lead the way!!!

  2. Rock on, lady!
    And I relate to what you say about family...I come from a family with "big genes" too...and I used it as an excuse for years! Our family role model (the head of our family, my grandpa who raised me and his own four kids) passed away fairly young, as he had every health problem under the sun--diabetes, severe obesity, cancer...but it wasn't just his genes. He ate way too much, made poor choices, and didn't exercise.

    So now I know that a huge part of the "gene factor" is actually passing down behaviors. Why is my daughter not fat like many at her age? Sure she has "big genes" but she eats WAY healthier than I did at her age, and has learned to love exercise, as well as learned to listen to her body.

    Keep on rocking it out, you are awesome!!!