Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Gizmo

So, now I have a time to stop eating. 7:00 p.m.,  Kitchen is closed!  Go Away!!  No, if you eat after this time something really horrible will happen to you like on the Gremlin movie!!  At least this is what I tell myself to try to keep my fat hands out of the fridge.  Sunday starts the 2 week (which suddenly seems like a year)  weight loss program.  I was reading through it again and I think I'm a getting a little nervous about all the vegetables that are required on the program.   Wow, I really have to get myself psyched up for this.  I can do this right? (gulp).  Think of how nice I'll feel when it's over.  Healthier, lighter victorious!  I just wish we could skip to a montage of me eating veggies, doing push ups, slowly in a couple different shots being able to do a chin up, beat someone who was faster than me in a race, etc.  Making 2 weeks disappear into a five minute montage with an inspiring song.  Now that's the way to do it!  But, no. Of course not, that just won't happen.  So to get my mind off of it, I've been thinking of all the kitchen gizmos I need (see Gremlin movie reference- hahaha).  I find after these 5 days that a juicer would be awesome.  I think a food processor is needed and Tess really recommends a pressure cooker.  Anything that will chop, cut and juice for me is probably a good idea.  I'm not great with knives.  In fact, I drive my sis-in-law Shannan crazy with my precarious chopping methods.  But than again, I'm not really great with gizmos of any kind.  I still can't get pictures from my camera or phone to the computer.  Everyone makes it seem so easy, but I've tried and the computer always wants a disk or a password or cables that I've never heard of.  It makes me feel dumb so usually I just pretend something happened rather than my incompetence.  "I don't know, it just stopped and the picture is gone....I think Owen did something to it, I don't know".   Hmmmm, better keep that in mind when picking my gizmos.  Rick (my husband) won't be supportive of gizmos.  Now, in his defense he has suffered through many, MANY crazy weight loss programs.  The man's been through the cabbage soup diet debacle of '95, Stop the Insanity, Jenny Craig, The Zone, The Atkins, The South Beach, the grapefruit diet, Weight Watchers, From Fat to Skinny in 12 weeks, The Glycemic diet, and  Volumetrics (there may be more I'm forgetting).  Not to mention medication, vitamins, the scarey colon cleanse incident, and various weight loss tools from pedometers to thigh master (yep, I had one) to The bean (we've never blown it up yet).  So forgive him if he's a little detached from my current situation.  I try to tell him this is a "lifestyle change", but he just nods and looks skepticle.  He's said it probably would have saved him money to have paid for lap band surgery.  He could be right, but at least with this I won't have a scar and foreign material in my body squeezing my stomach.  He did say he would give up drinking pop so I didn't have to buy it any more. (And the jerk will probably lose 20 ponds by doing that!!)    Yay?  Oh, Well.  We'll give him a little more time to get used to this.  Also, We will give me time to prove I can do this.  In the meantime I have to use all the tricks I can, whether it's cool blenders or gremlins in my kitchen at night.  Hey man, whatever it takes.  I have a great bunch of people doing this program with me that are very supportive and I have you all on my blog.  You keep me accountable, you keep me sane, you help keep me rocking out this vegan thing for another day.  Thanks for all your comments and support.  Let's do stats:

Hunger: up and down today, ate a late lunch= really hungry.
Mood: Not too shabby....ooh is that my libido I hear knocking??  Nice.
Cravings:  Not as bad.  I think I'm craving salty chip things now, 'cause I seem to want carbs
Health:  Good. No headaches today, No IBS, No heartburn whoooohooooo!  But I have a breakout of zits on my chin.  Good grief.  I blame everything on detoxing (I'm not even sure what that entails).

Good night everyone, tomorrow I have to get my son to his Basketball game at 7:30!!!  And they have pictures so I can't be late.  People who know me, know this may be a problem.  Good Lord, 7:30?  Really??



  1. Sounds like you're in the right frame of mind. I'm along for the ride on this two week journey and have your back.

    You can do this!

  2. Ok Danielle,
    Keep up that montage thinking, that is perfect. Sounds like your husband is very good to cut out the soda with're right he might loose weight from it but you will too! I quit 5 years ago and lost 10# after just a little while, not instantly. All those diets you've done tells me that you have a heart for change, you WANT it, but until now you haven't been introduced to something that was worth anything. You are worth EVERYTHING those programs/gimicks lied to you took you on a bad health journey! NOT YOUR FAULT!

    When I became a vegetarian 12 years ago a healthful mentor told me, I'd rather look better, feel better and live longer than eat the things I want to eat. I have been introduced to so many wonderful things the last few months I can't imagine WANTING to eat anything else...

    well this is your blog not mine so I will shut up for today! Love Tracy