Thursday, January 21, 2010

No meat, but still a cheat??

Today was a busy day.  My kitchen is a wreck, laundry piled to where you could lose a small child in it and tasks to accomplish before the PTO meeting.  I couldn't deal with my kitchen, so I chose some "fast" items.  Vegan frozen burritos.  And fritos.  I looked at the ingredients and it said corn and corn oil.  Thats it!  No milk or eggs or any of that non-vegan stuff.  Man I snarfed the bag (individual size) down.  And the rest of my son's.  And after the PTO meeting I ate fries.  Again, no meat.  But I am sitting here feeling extremely guilty.  I guess the health aspect of this lifestyle choice is more important to me than I thought!!  I have to do what I did before I completely swiched over to a vegan diet.  Was what I ate really as good as I thought it would be?  How does my body feel after eating it?  Well, truthfully I didn't think about the fritos before hand.  I just saw no milk or egg and devoured them.  I guess my body felt okay after, but emotionally I'm all guilted up now.  I kind of feel like I let myself and you all down.  I think I need to stick to the more wholesome vegan foods, rather than my "old way" foods.  Clearly it is important to me to seperate myself from that way of living.  This is a complete overhaul of how I live.  I know it wasn't a big slip, but what if a bag of fritos or fries from McDonald's leads to a bag of burgers?? (oh, yeah.  I could do it, trust me!!).  My friend just sent an email and said "thanks for reminding her to be healthy".  Wow, that's cool.  I never thought I could be any kind of inspiration for being healthy, other than someone seeing my fat butt going into a fast food place and them thinking: "yeah, I'll just have a salad!".  Well friend of mine, you helped me.  Fritos might not be meat, but they are a cheat in my mind.  It's time to leave that all behind!!  Short night tonigh guys, it was a busy day and another one tomorrow.  Thanks for all your comments and support.  If I can do this (trust me) anyone can if they want!!  Stat time:

Hunger: fine. Not stuffed, just right (no juice tonight)
Mood: Pretty good, till I saw my lamp shade cracked
Cravings: I with stood burgers all around me!!
Health:  Still detoxing, but no headache today =)

Good night all!!


  1. Danielle,

    Love the blog....keep it up. I am here for support!!! We are in this together.

  2. Danielle-

    Your blog is so funny! I had no idea that Tess had written a book! I will have to check it out! Developing good eating habits is hard but you can do it! I can't wait to hear about your journey! Anna

  3. Danielle, I finally read your blog! Good for you. I hope more people read this & benefit from you. This really hit home for me as far as how much of a change you're making. WOW.

    It makes me feel infinitely grateful that my book has been a help to people wanting to make changes, and I can tell you what I know in my heart: THIS WILL GET EASIER! You WILL learn to love the new foods. You WILL become a natural in the kitchen, with health-supporting menus. You WILL fulfill your health goals. I just know it.

  4. HI Danielle,
    I laughed and honestly, I cried as I read your entire blog. You are a wonderful writer and a wonderful person. I am excited to follow your blog as we go through the next 2 weeks together. I admire your courage and your lighthearted honesty.

    How is your husband with all of your changes?

    Remember to EAT, even before your kids if you need to. Take care of their mom!
    I look forward to keeping up with your blog!
    Your friend from 'the 2 week plan',
    Tracy "Riley"

  5. This is great, Danielle. Keep it coming. I have a friend who thinks she needs to go this route. Her name is Velshonna Luckey, I'll ask her to request you as a friend. Hope you allow her in to your world. Blessings,

  6. Thanks everyone for your support!! It really helps keeping me going knowing you're rooting for me! We're all put on this earth together for a reason and I feel with all my heart we need to help each other as best we can. Faye- of course, I'll welcome her in my world =) Riley- you're an awesome "teammate" thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Adrienne- Your support is appreciated and returned!!!! Tess- you're my inspiration =)