Monday, April 26, 2010

"You Paid How Much for Nettles?"

Okay, so I started off strong and have been fading out lately.  I can't believe the last time I wrote in my blog was April 5th!!!!!  Bad me.  Where do I begin?  I can't let you all miss a moment of my exciting world as a meat lover turned vegan (only said with a hint of sarcasm).  Where did I leave off?  Ahh, the composting.  Well I got my compost drum and my husband even put it together for me (very shocking since he told me to take it back)!  I still need to read the directions so I know what the heck I'm doing.  It has stuff in there, but I need to get some yard waste in there which would happen if I could ever work in my yard.  I fear this will be an on going theme in my blogging this summer.  Hey, it's not easy being green.  Had a big "duh" moment with my husband when he looked at me as I was making him answer questions to a quiz to find out which one is his dosha  (he's Kapha for anyone who knows what the heck I'm talking about and I'm Pitta) in Ayurveda, and he said: "I should have known you would be into weird things since you were an art major".  You think Rick?  I have ever been drawn to the left of center.  And he is not, so yeah we are an odd couple but balance each other out somewhat.  It's been a very stressful April.  HA!  As, I just wrote that I realized that our wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  It is 14 years of wedded bliss.  The year before last, we missed it altogether (both of us completely forgot) and didn't remember until May.  It's not that it's against out religion or anything to celebrate it, but we have been a couple for 21 years and forget that there was ever a time we weren't together.  It's true.  Sorry, Rick putting together my composting drum diverted me into reflecting on us!  I've had a lot of stress this month and had to deal with a lot of issues.  I'm unhappy to report I still have a salt craving during these times.  I wish I never realized that Fritos and potato chips are essentially vegan.  Notice I didn't say healthy.  So to distract myself from salty Frito badness, I got these homemade yummy, toasted sesame nori crisps.  I really want to figure out how to make them.  They are nori sheets, torn into "chips" and toasted with some oil, brown rice syrup, sesames, cayenne pepper (just a hint), nutmeg and salt.  I got them from a vendor at the Purple Porch Co-op that I joined.  ( Here's from their website: 
Welcome to the Purple Porch Cooperative (PPC), Michiana's online local food cooperative. The Purple Porch Co-op is a member owned food cooperative committed to growing a sustainable local economy. We connect people in Michiana who want local, organic or fair trade food with the local growers who produce it.

I love it!  I shop on line and then every Wed. I pick up the food and chit chat with the producers.  It's all organic veggies and fruit and the meat I get my family is grass fed and no hormones (that makes me feel a little better anyway).  There's a vegan & gluten free baker there, and she's awesome.  I stalk her goods and try to figure out how to do them on my own.  Hence, the nori crisps.  She's so nice though, she'd probably show me how to do it!!  The only thing is my friend's farm is a producer there.  One day she picked up my orders for me and noticed I had bought nettles from someone.  She made fun of me because apparently on their farm they have TONS of it growing all over and she never realized people use it.  She couldn't believe I paid $3 a bag.  Well, there you go.  I'm a city girl!!  So, Michelle don't be surprised if you see me wandering around your farm with long sleeves and rubber gloves (nettles sting) and a paper sack....just a warning ;).  Oh, there's a lot going on I have to fill you in on, but I'm so tired!!!  Oh, I'm still losing weight!  It's slower now than it had been, but steady.  I am now 225.  Getting there.  My clothes are what I notice.  It feels like more.  This is getting to be the weight I always stalled at and then gained back.  I can't wait to get past it and say: "nah nah!".  Also, I have not been ill since changing my lifestyle.  I came close twice, but managed to keep it away!  That's 3 months, and for someone who has allergies (although that's way better too) and 3 boys, that's a long time not getting sick. 

I promise I will write again soon, no more stress keeping me away.  Although, you were all probably saying it's safe to come out, Danielle hasn't been blogging!  Haha, I'm back!  It's not so safe anymore!!  I thought about stats as I used to do them and think that time is done.  I rarely have cravings anymore, my mood is better (except when I'm moody, lol) and my health is awesome.  Sigh.  We must keep on keeping on, and I'm entering a new  phase of my diet.  Stay's gonna rock!!  Goodnight all and be happy =)


Monday, April 5, 2010

First Eater Holiday

Technically this was my first "bigger" family eater holiday since becoming vegan.  I have run through a gambit of emotions that I've been reflecting on.  One thing is that I realize how exactly it's possible to be a chubby vegan.  There is a way to eat poorly and still adhere to being a plant based diet.  I experienced this as I was all busy preparing for Easter.  I really have to force myself to eat veggies.  I just don't naturally go for them, especially when I'm distracted.  I think I really noticed it because as I mentioned in my last post I was fighting off illness and maybe I was compromised by my low veggie consumption.  I was able to fight it off, I'm so amazed even my husband get it!  But as I got busy, I noticed my low veggie consumption and the high level of eating "junk" vegan food.  I'm getting better, but it's still a chore for me to get in the veggies...I don't know why.  I like them better now, but I still have to force myself to remember to get them in.  So anyway, potato chips are vegan.  I didn't say healthy, but there's definitely no meat or dairy in it.  I also found vegan donuts.  So like I said, you can be chubby as a vegan.  But eating that way causes a nasty chain reaction where you're caught in a web of constant hunger cause you're not eating nourishing food and you end up craving the junk that got you there in the first place.  One has to be ever vigilant, whether you're vegan or not.  I didn't have a hard time with the ham and foods that surrounded me.  I thought I would, but nope.  It smelled good, don't get me wrong, but I didn't want it.  We went to my Uncle's house, and one of my family members asked if I had to eat this way or could I eat meat for the occasion.  My first reaction is one of being indignant.  But I thought about it and it's an innocent question from someone who does not feel what I feel, think what I think or know what I know.  Yes, I CAN eat meat whenever I want, if I want.  But, No I cannot.  This is not a quick lose weight diet.  This is me now.  This is my lifestyle.  I thought about it and I chose it.  I do not want to eat meat now, not ever again.  I like meat, but I no longer find it a viable source of nutrition for me.  I'm done.  People have said they admire my will power.  But it really has nothing to do with that.  It takes me no more will power to not eat meat & dairy then it does for me not to throw recycling in the garbage.  I became used to it and am convicted it's the right thing for me to do, like recycling.  Do I have to recycle?  No, I could choose to throw it in the garbage can.  In fact it would be easier to do that instead of having two receptacles. But I know it's better for the environment so I choose to recycle.  Same with my eating habits.  Now lets move on to my not so noble side effect I've been having recently.  I have been greedy with my vegan treats with my meat eating family (except my kids who I'm trying to guide into a plant based diet).  As much as I'd like everyone to eat a plant based diet, I know that it's not feasible.  So it's been really hard when they eat my food beyond a taste.  Obviously, I bring dishes to share as my contribution, but for example I brought some vegan candy.  My father ate some and offered it to others!  They had a whole bowl full of their chocolates, but they had to eat mine too!  And it was 5 dollars for a bag!!  I know I should be encouraging and giving, but mostly I wanted to yell "get your carnivore paws off my treats old man!!!"  See?  Not so noble.  Oh, well I have to work on this.  No one's perfect after all.  And I can be rather territorial about my food.  Must be an instinctual response that I haven't evolved from fully! LOL.  Composting update- I have "asked" my husband if I can get a composting drum.  I decided that it would be the best method for me, despite cheaper ways of doing it.  It works faster (which appeals to my impatient nature) and it is more convenient for my yard.  I'll keep you updated, because big surprise my husband thinks it's dumb.  Let's check stats:

Hunger:  a little nutrition deprived hunger as I skimped on the veggies.
Mood:  pretty happy =)
Cravings:  No, except I found myself getting into a salty/sweet cycle of fat doom/
Health: I emerged victorious from fighting off the illnesses hanging about my house!!

Spring is here, and I couldn't be happier.  I will keep spring in my heart and embrace the ever changing needs of my body and mind as the season itself does.  Spring brings the promise of a better day,of a better me!  Be healthy my friends =)