Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ugh!! Not feeling good at all today!!!

I went to bed with a happy glow of friendship and I woke up with a pain in my stomach!  I went about my morning as normal, but soon the diarreha started and I was done!!  I havn't been able to eat since breakfast because my stomach hurts so bad and everything comes out =(.  I know it must be a bug because my friend and neighbor has it as well.  Great.  What does a vegan do for this?  Do I do what I always did? It's funny how when  you're doing something new and a problem occurs you go dumb.  What should I do?  Like I never had diarreha before.  Hell, with IBS that was almost an every day occurance!  But wow, what a come down from feeling so great to this!  Huddled on the couch, slightly dehydraded with a sore butt.  Even worse, it's going to mess with my weight loss numbers for the trial study of the program.  Bummer.  Now I'll have to explain this weight dip as the moment my bowels would NOT cooperate with my eating plan.  Oh, well.  Life happends.  And my sock has a hole in the toe =(.  I don't want to suffer you with my whining, so I'm cutting this REAL short (plus I have to poop again).  Stats:

Hunger- ugh, no!!
Mood- good, but tired (and whiney)
Cravings- ugh, no!!
Health- ugh, no!! Poop!!!!

Good night everyone, wish me luck that this is kicked tomorrow!!!  Be happy =)



  1. Danielle,
    So sorry you got sick! It still happens even when you're healthy & vegan...but in my experience, it's not nearly as often and doesn't last as long. Plus, once your system is totally clean, your immune system will be amazing.

    But for now, don't worry about anything except getting well. Be gentle w/ yourself, you are doing SO great, even if you feel bad right now.

    You'll be feeling better in no time!

  2. Oh Danielle I am so sorry. I hope you are better in the morning. On the bright don't have to worry that it was from tainted meat or dairy :-) I'll be thinking of you!

  3. Sorry, I had to crack me up with your poop & sore butt talk. Only you, Danielle! But I do hope you are feeling better...Ms Poopy Pants!

  4. I almost did not post this comment for fear that it was a bit too personal/lengthy to share openly, but here goes. I am sitting in my office with my door closed and tears are just endlessly rolling down my face; I am practically gasping I am crying that hard. More on the crying thing in a minute. I am Danielle's sister-in-law - the "in-law" part is only a technicality. We have been through a lot together - she has been my dear friend and confidant for over 20 years. Over these 20 years, we have been bad for each other when it comes to food/health. I am affectionately referred to as "the locust" for my ability to consume mass quantities of food. Dan loves rich, decadent (and delicious!) foods. Together, we really are the dream team of bad eating! Last weekend, she encouraged me to give vegan a try. What? VEGAN - YIKES!! But honestly, we have done every other diet together so why not, right? Also, I think it is an unspoken thing between Dan and I that we need to be unified in our more "alternative" pursuits. And, yes, everyone in our collective families will be asking when we plan to stop showering and join a commune soon, so I had to have her back! What has happened in one short week of following the vegan diet is nothing short of amazing. I won't enumerate all the joyful differences I feel inside and out, but something has been turned on, opened up...something really good has happened to me. So...back to the crying. As I read through my sis's blog entries, it finally hit me that we have been addicts together for all these years. And it just made me feel so overwhelmed by how we have treated ourselves - we deserve better! We have both been up and down in weight and health and it has taken a toll. I feel so proud that she has made this brave decision and included me. Love you Dan!

  5. Shannan, Thank you for sharing, you are both wonderful. I was touched and have tears also, you do deserve better but also tears of joy that you feel wonderful differences!! I am so thankful to know you both (in a tiny way)!! team mate, Tracy