Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dont make fun of my meat

I have been dilligently planning my meals for this next week.  I'm making sauces, seasonings and preparing beans.  Wow, I'm totally ahead of the game!!  Tomorrow I will weigh myself and see what this week brought me.  Remember just cause I started at 266 and am obviously over weight, doesn't mean I'm all about the weight loss.  Right now I'm focasing on being healthy, so I am going to go have my blood work done so we can start this weight loss program knowing exactly what kind of changes will happen.  But, for the sake of this 2 week program and for the fact weight loss IS a part of health, I am going to keep track of my weight gains/losses as well.  Today I was a bit more extravagent in my eating (I kind of let myself loose a little knowing the 2 week plan starts tomorrow).   So I ate tortillas and salsa, and hummus and pitas.  I had also made a delicious portabella sandwich.  My sis-in law, Shannan made dinner for everyone (else) tonight and wanted to make a vegan carrot cake for me (my favorite).  Unfortunately she didn't have any of the ingredients she would need to make it right.  So, it ended up a non-vegan cake.  I told her what started out as good intentions turned into a cruel mockery of me watching them all eat it!!  I actually wasn't too bothered by it, I didn't even mind Rick bringing some home.  Maybe, slowly the cravings are going away??  Oh, that would be nice (nice like a big fat piece of carrot cake!!).  I can't believe it's almost been a week!  It's amazing the different reactions I've gotten to becoming vegan.  The one that takes the cake would have to be my Mother's.  She said:  "Whatever floats your boat, just don't make fun of my meat.  I like it."  then she preceded to tell me that she read in a magazine that there were these vegan girls who were way to thin and they can't keep weight on.  Really?  A warning for the 266 lb. fat girl about getting too thin??  I told her I think I'll be safe for a while.  Her reaction surprised me a little, as she seemed almost angry (but then again I told after I had already been doing it a while and my sister knows).  It made me think of how defensive we can get about our choices in life, health, etc.  I may have reacted the same way if it was reversed.   It makes sense.  We all just want to feel our choices and actions are justified and when someone who fits in with your lifestyle leaves the fold, it can make you feel insecure.  How do you make people understand that this is right for ME right NOW.  I'm just taking it all a day at a time and letting it all happen.  I say live and let live.  People usually only change habits, etc. because they were already thinking of doing it.  I don't want to force people to think like me and I don't want to be annoying and preachy.  If I can inspire, awesome!  If I can give hope, great!  But we all have to walk that road of decision alone.  Okay, I'm going to share my menu with you all, so I can share all the trials and tribulations I may have this week!!  *all recipes are out of RHIW*  Also, does anyone have any glass jars they don't need??  Like jelly jars, etc. (small & medium size).  I could use them for the sauces I premake and seasonings.  Let me know, thanks!!

B-Magical Multigrain Pancakes                                  
L- Immune Power Soup                                      
D-Fresh Thai Spring Rolls
Fruit smoothy  
Left over soup 
Creamy Adzuki Beans

Ezekiel Cereal
Refried Beans        
Whibbs (tofu ribs)

B-Ezekiel Cereal                                       
L-left over whibb sandwich                        
D-Vitality Noodles  

Vegan Chili            
Something Easy

Ezekiel Cereal
Seasoned Italian Basmatti Rice
 Black eyed Peas w/Kale
B-Yellow Tofu breakfast burrito
L-tasty tostadas
D-Illegal Pizza

Whew!  That was hard work!!  Let's do stats:

Hunger:  Fine all day.  When it's time to eat I am honestly hungry. Not, well I stuffed myself like a hog and now that looks good so let me at it, hungry.
Mood:  Good, kinda weird (go figure!)
Cravings:  Oh that carrot cake looked good, but worse was my oldest taunting me with his sausage breakfast burritos.  Man, if I can get through this with that kind of help, I'm in!  I'll earn my vegan card!!
Health:  Again with the good.  Zits are still there, darnit!!!

Okay, Mom.  I won't make fun of your meat, if you don't make fun of my non-meat.  Deal?? =)  Remember to check in tomorrow, because I'm going to post my weight after this weeks first attempt at my lifestyle change.  I also start the 2 week weight loss plan designed by Tess, who wrote RHIW.  I am part of a group that Tess is going to study for her new vegan weight loss book.  I'll fill you in how I do with that.  2 words: vegetables ugghh!!  Goonight and good health everyone.



  1. Whibbs rock! You are inspiring me.....thanks!

  2. Whibbs.....sounds like something Elmer Fudd would eat. ;-) You keep a-going woman (but I will probably still make fun of your non-meat, just 'cause I can!) I still love ya!!

  3. I can't pronounce any of it... but I am proud of you. I was telling Jackson what you are doing and explaining what types of food you are eating...and of course not eating. He doesn't even eat fritos so I am sure he would lose over 1/2 of his body weight. I am sure you are getting some interesting responses, people probably panic about what are they going to feed Dani when she comes to my house --- luckily I always have carrots and celery. I have already learned alot about being a vegan, and I thank you for that. I also shouldn't complain when I can't find something to cook for dinner, cause I am just lazy. Naaw who I am kidding I will continue to complain. I think my hardest thing would be giving up candy hearts -- and this is the peak season for them. Keep it up girl, I love ya.

  4. You nailed that on people's responses and what our reaction should be. I am just now learning to practice some of that. Thanks for the reminder! Hope you had a WONDERFUL DAY today (day 1)