Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I kicked it vegan style!

Haha!  (that's a laugh of victory, picture me with my head back and hands on hips and legs apart.   Not unlike you'd picture a viking after a raid)  Haha!  I kicked it vegan style today!!  I worked the 2 week weight loss program into my VERY busy schedule today and frankly I feel triumphant.  I drank the water, I ate the veggies, I stopped the higher carbs and fats after 3 And I ate split pea soup for dinner.  I did this all while having to drop off Carter at preschool, go to read to my assigned 4th grader at the school, go to a conference for spring book fair, make the children do homework AND make my family's and my dinner.  And they tried to tempt me with free turkey croissants and cheese and potato chips at the conference.  Heretics!  You can't make me submit with turkey!  HaHaHaHa.  I ate my multi grain super yummy pancakes before I went.  Whew!  I think I'm getting a little crazy energy tonight.  I even (sort of) got exercise by shoveling my drive.  Yes, I know it wasn't a lot of snow but still.  There's a lot of bending and arm movement involved that I say counts, especially if you're like I was and haven't moved your fat butt off the couch except to go get a snack!   Dang it!  I hear my husband downstairs on the treadmill.  He's just trying to show me up.  Now today was all about planning, or at least keeping my day in the back of my head.  I knew they'd have something to eat at that conference and so I ate before and ate some cold veggies right before.  I was on it today.  I wish everyday could be like this; you know where it was a busy day but you just swam through it like no big deal?
I have to admit, I've noticed a big increase in my cheerfulness and outlook.  WAY more positive.  I've been getting into reading about foods and what medicinal values they can bring.  It's called: "The Whole Foods Encyclopedia" by Rebecca Wood.  It is facinating!  For example, carrots (organic, so there's no chemicals on it) is good to help remedy PMS.  I told my husband that and he told me to go buy a truck full!!  Hahaha....ha..hey, wait a minute!  I wasn't that bad was I?  Okay, maybe.  We'll see how this does for a true, right in the middle of it, PMS cycle.  Wow, I just had a scary moment where I thought I lost this.  I can't re-create that kind of stream of free thinking if I tried!!  We better do stats:

Hunger:  Managed nicely, I made sure I had mini meals filled with lots of raw veggies.
Mood:  Super awesome =)
Cravings:  Oh, I love that hummus.  I put it in toasted mini pita pockets and make a side of greens with olive oil & balsamic vinegar mixed lightly with it & scallions.  Then I put the greens in the pockets with the hummus...oooh I'm getting hungry.
Health:  No more IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), no more heartburn, no depression.  I feel good, and I mean James frickin' Brown kinda good!! =)

Now if I could get my kitchen to how I want it I will be REALLY happy.  It's half cleaned and I'm not satisfied with the arrangement of my pantry.  Did I mention what a biotch it has been fitting old foods and my new healthy stuff together??  I will slowly kick out the old stuff, but till then...!  I'm afraid I need a new, bigger  fridge too!  Enter argument about money with my husband.  Okay, I'll wait.   Goodnight everyone, be happy =)



  1. You go girl! I hope today was as great for you!

  2. Hmmmmmm, I think maybe, JUST MAYBE you are inspiring me to do the same! lol