Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weight a minute...what?

Okay, so now for the big weight reveal.  After 1 week, no meat, no dairy, no pop I lost .....11 pounds!!  Yep, I just said that. 11 pounds!!  I couldn't believe it.  I know a lot is water weight, because I feel so not bloated, but still...11 pounds!  Remember everyone, that I started at a very heavy weight so my body is more able to give it up quickly.  It will probably not be quite as much next week.  Still, I'm doing a happy dance =)  Now, I have to tell you about these awesome pancakes I ate today....I know, you're like "But pancakes are the most fattening, terrible thing out there for you baked by the devil!"  But THESE pancakes aren't.  I loved them!  They have a little crunch to them that I truly love.  The mix you make has all kinds of delicious, healthy things.  I was really skepticle that it would be gross, but they were so good.  They even had flax meal in them.  I am so excited, because every time I use to eat pancakes I felt my butt get bigger by the mouthful!!  Not anymore.  In fact, I've been eating all sorts of food that tastes like I should feel guily, but don't need to be.  It is so weird walking around not feeling guilty about what I just ate.  In fact, I didn't even realize how I used to feel all the time.  I guess I was used to feeling guilty since I was raised Catholic and that's a big requirement of the church to feel guilty.  Talk about guilty, I got on the Wii fit plus and I hadn't been on it for like 265 days.  And since the last time I weighed in on it that long ago, I've gained 27 bounds!!  Yay me!  Good lord.  I can gain and lose 30 lbs. faster than Oprah and Kirsty Ally (I don't know how to spell her name and I don't care) combined.  Clearly this has been an on going thing in my life.  I'm hoping with my new life style that I will have better control over my weight.  My hopes are high and my outlook positive!   I even ate a salad with grape tomatoes and green pepper in it!!  Of course I cut them up in small pieces, but I ate them!!!  I especially HATE tomatoes and green pepper.  I didn't die or puke.  I can't say I'd get a bumper sticker over them, but I didn't puke.  If I can get myself to do that, there is hope for this world yet.  I went to a retaurant with my friends and I felt like a fraud talking to them about being vegan.  It's only been one week and I feel if any long time vegan heard me, they'd still smell the meat taint on me!!  Like I'm some pathetic poser..."what up vegan girlfriends, want to go eat some tahini and drink kombucha with me??" Hahaha.  But, at least I can watch other people eat meat with a more detached eye now.  I still (obviously) remember what it tastes like and I like it, but I don't want it.  It's weird.  And looking at the menu it really hit home how much meat I use to eat!  Good grief.  I also heard that there is a big disagreement over honey in the vegan world.  Some say to TRULY be vegan you cannot eat it.  Others say bee keepers are good to their bees so what's the prob?  I never ate honey all that much so I guess I won't lose my vegan card over that issue.  However, I have to admit.  And this is bad, I mean bad.  I secretly can't wait for my son's fish to die because I'm sick of the tank and he never cleans it or remembers to feed it.  Maybe I'll have to give it back for that, I don't know.  But I did always say I'm doing this for health, not activism.  Oh, well.  I'll eat some extra plants while I wait for it to die.  Let's see my stats:

Hunger: managed nicely
Cravings:  A little sad looking at my son's scrambled eggs but not to bad.
Mood:  Very good today, till I saw Legion and was incredibly let down by it's suckiness.
Health:  Feeling good!!  Zits gone =)

I'm rolling on with this and looking forward to week 2.  I think my taste buds are adjusting somewhat and am looking forward to what comes next!  This is the weight loss program 1st week and I'm wondering:  what can beat 11lbs. just doing the vegan thing?  Well now comes the vegan weight loss program.  Man, talk about jumping in without getting your feet wet first!  Now, sleepy time.  Goodnight everyone, be happy!



  1. Great job Dani.... what a great start. I am glad you have such a positive yet laid back attitude!

  2. I am happy and your good news made me dance!!! I am inspired to eat some of those pancakes!! Whoo hoo this eating is SO GOOD! Have a great day 2!!