Saturday, January 30, 2010

listening to my body, finally!

Today, despite the continued diarrhea, I was at least able to eat.  Now more than ever I'm really aware of what I'm putting into my body and listening to what my body needs.  I never really thought about it before that my body may be communicating with me.  For example, even though I've been craving hummus, I had no taste for it today and knew it was a bad idea.   For dinner I ended up with a grilled portabella cap sandwich.  It was really yummy.  I still had diarrhea, but I felt good eating it like it was what I needed at that moment.  I remember back when I was trying to get pregnant (it took me 3 years) I totally knew my body in terms of ovulation.  How ridiculous am I, that I never applied that concept further with food.  Clearly, as my butt kept getting bigger, my body was like: "yuck! I don't need this!!"  But I ignored it.  I got mad at it!  For the next how many years I veered between loathing my body and not listening to or understanding it.  My goal is to now get to know my body again.  It is not the body of an 18 year old who could eat whatever crap I wanted and not gain weight anymore.  I think I can get past this now.  I need to get to know my body as a 38 year old body that deserves some attention from me and frankly, some respect.  I see the way my body is responding to the foods I'm eating.  The fat is coming off my stomach like my body woke up and was like "what's this?  I don't need all this fat, burn it!!"  I never considered that I wasn't being nice to myself, I never considered I was working against my body instead of with it.  I want to change this; I already am.  It's amazing everything I am getting out of this new life style.  I thought I was self contemplative before, geeze!!  Which brings up the point that I feel like I've been so self-absorbed these 2 weeks.  I'm not used to focusing so hard on me.  So here are my goal:  listening to my body's needs.  I think eating as a vegan is really allowing me to achieve this.  It's late, let's do stats:

Hunger:  Coming back.
Mood:  Happy =)
Cravings:  None.  Still recovering!
Health:  Still have diarreha and a little weak.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving wonderful comments.  You have supported me and keep me going and believing in myself.  I won't let you all down, and I won't let my body down.  Anymore.  Good night everyone, be happy!!



  1. Danielle-

    I am so happy that you are listening to your body. It is one of the hardest ings to do when you mind is telling you to do something else! You certainly are starting to reap the benefits of feeding your body what it needs:) Keep up the greaat work and I can't wait to see pictures of the new "thin" you!

  2. I am so excited for you. I felt the same way this week...listening to my bodies needs vs. listening to 'old me' cravings. I am so proud to know you. (I shared your blog on my FB today)