Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blame it on the pancake on a stick

Today was definitely harder.  I was super hungry this morning and Carter wanted a pancake on a stick.  For those of you who are not gastronomically enlightened, let me break this down for you:  It's a pancake around a sausage link like a corn dog.  And it's on a stick.  We get them in a big box.  So, it was all I could do NOT to grab that thing from him and stuff it into my mouth.  I resisted by getting busy making my tropical smoothie.  I even added flax seed for colon health.  But the whole time all I could think about was breakfast burritos. Mmmmmm, sausage gravy.   I drank my smoothie and moved on.  My youngest is home with a cold and kept knocking on things to make our dog think someone is at the door and  bark.  I think I've narrowed down a definite stress/craving connection, because the more crazy I felt, the more pancakes on a stick sounded good. Or cheese.  Always a go to for me in the past.  I tried a "veggie" cheese-like substance.  Yeah, not so much like cheese.  Maybe it's good in small doses melted or sprinkled on something, but not for eating a wedge of.  Trust me.  I think being prepared is going to be a big part of success with this.  After being at the school trying to get a group of kids of various ages to listen to me and practice skits, I had a headache (where the hell is my caffeine) and  a  HUNGER.  I bitterly made my family chicken and the whole time I picked fried potatoes out of leftovers (that was sitting next to sausage) and ate it.  And drank half a container of organic pomegranate (I just had to walk to my fridge 3 times to see how to spell that) & cranberry juice. By the time I sat down to my healthy salad, I was full.  Of juice.  Being excited about the foods we eat is important.  Will I be excited about this food?  I was yesterday.  I was pretty smug about that soup I made.  Am I just having one of those days?  Maybe if I ate the chicken for dinner, I would've felt the same way as I do now.  I probably would've eaten the potato AND the sausage if I was eating meat.  So, let's look at this in a positive light:  if I was still eating as before I would've eaten potatoes, sausage, juice and the chicken dinner.  Okay, maybe not the juice.  Probably 2 diet Mt. Dew's.  So, I did better in that respect.  Being prepared is as important now for me as it was then.  Whether I'm eating meat or not.  I have to remember this when I'm out of sorts (like today) and feel like being lazy.  It's not the food's fault, well maybe the pancake on a stick because who thought of that even?  If I'm not prepared mistakes can happen, over-eating can happen.  I think the excitement for me comes with the preparation and planning.  Wow, revelation!  Am I growing?  My sister, Debbie, always said I had a plebeian taste in food.  (Hey, somebody has to eat the bologna).  Maybe I'm growing up now?  We'll see.  My healthy salad tasted like a bowl of weeds.  I have a ways to go.  Let's look at today's stats:

Hunger:  uggghhh. No, too much juice.
Cravings:  Yes! 
Mood:  Tired and moody
Health:  Other than being stuffed on juice, pretty good.  Flax seeds, nature's lufa for your colon!!

I could blame it on the pancake stick of greasy sweet unhealthy goodness that tempted my cravings, but really I think it was just the mood and there will be these times.  I have to remember to pre-plan to help lessen the chances of unwise choices (container of juice and fried potatoes) and over eating.  Let's stick a fork in this day and say it's over.  Now I WILL go soak some beans (I didn't yesterday darn it).  Did I mention I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl??  SIGH.


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