Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl, Super Big Butt

As I watched the Super Bowl Game tonight, I reflected on past super bowl eating experiences:  Huge steaks, chicken wings, frozen mystery snacks upon snacks, nacho cheese buckets, and lots of pop!!!  The year that takes the cake would be the one that sparked a horrible gall bladder attack.  Nice.  Tonight, I had a grilled portabella sandwich with a side of creamy adzuki beans (from RHIW) and a few organic corn chips and salsa.  I splurged with a scoop of organic coconut milk mint ice cream.  Wow, what a huge difference from the past.  Even the Ice cream was more like a couple spoon fulls from a pint that I normally would eat the whole thing.  I haven't really been eating sweets and it's amazing how you kind of lose the need or tolerence for too sweet of foods.  Based on my past Super Bowl game eating frenzies I'm not surprised I got a super big butt.  And Super Bowls of past is just one example of my many opportunities to over eat.  Sadly.  I think I was in some serious denial, like oh yeah I ate a  ton of food, but I had water instead of pop so woohoo I'm healthy!!  I honestly think I was on my way to SERIOUS health problems.  Being vegan is not right for everybody, I hope my friends and family know that I do not look down on ANYBODY for their personal choices.  This is about me and my body's needs right now and the whole experience of my journey.  I'm finding it to be a total mind, body & spirit overhaul.  I am too happy with myself to think badly of others.  It's so much easier to love others when you love and are kind to yourself.  So, weight loss for the week: (drum roll) 3 pounds!  Total weight loss for 3 weeks vegan: 24 pounds.  Weight loss doing 2 week weight loss cleans: 14 pounds.  Thus ends the 2 week program I was trying for Tess' book (which I get to be in so everyone buy it, lol).  I am going to continue with it, as it's very easy to do and I basically have made it my routine now.  So far, so good friends!!  I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of the group for the book.  I met great people (Tracy!!) and actually learned a new way of life for me.  I was a little lucky having just become vegan because doing the 2 week program actually taught me how to eat as a vegan and I lucked out that it is a healthy doable way to live.  For example I could have learned an unhealthy way to be vegan (yes, you still can eat unhealthy even as a vegan).  Wow, a second chance after I lived SO unhealthy before.  I'm groovin' on it right now, thinks are great and I've never been more positive.  Let's do stats:

Huger:  Nope, I have to admit I splurgd just a little today.  Good late breakfast burrito w/ scrambled tofu and facon, no lunch, and my dinner I stated above.
Mood:  So happy =)
Cravings:  No, I may have a moment like oh, that donut smells good, but it passes quickly.
Health:  So good.  I missed taking my allergy pills for a week and didn't have a reaction.

I'm happy I can control my celebratory meals now.  I hate not feeling in control of my eating.  I'm getting it back, which is a very liberating thing.  No more super big butt!! YAY =)  (well, getting there)  Goodnight everyone, I'm sending you love =)  Be happy!!



  1. mmmmmmm.....creamy adzuki beans!!! They were AWESOME Dan!!!!!! What a difference *indeed* from past Super Bowls - how is this even possible? I am still in awe of us. I couldn't agree more about celebratory meals...especially with our families..."excuse me, would you like a side of meat with your meat? Oh, no thanks, I need to save some room for meat." Right back at ya with love!

  2. Danielle, thanks for the compliment. It is really great for me to hear things from your perspective. New, refreshing with tons of wisdom. I made a green, blue and my favorite purple dish yesterday...I only ate one piece of that purple and I am on my way to the kitchen to put the rest of it in the freezer...I've never done that before! Yes embrace healthy!

  3. about that coconut ice cream? was is store bought or a recipe you have?

  4. I found it at the store! I'm still getting my feet wet with cooking vegan, I'm not adventurous enough yet to attempt dairy free ice cream!! =)

  5. I have one vegan ice cream cookbook that I have not tried anything out of and another recipe or two out of another book...maybe I will experiment for us and see what I come up with. Good for you that you can get it premade locally! We can get a soy based one, just plain vanilla and it is costly. But hey it is worth it