Friday, February 5, 2010

pioneering with pancakes

I felt quite the cook today.  It's funny how that can really depend on our mood.  For example if my kitchen is messy, and it often is, then I feel too stressed out to do a lot of cooking.  But when the kitchen is cleaned and the stars are all lined up right, then back up give me some room because I can cook up a storm.  So, I find I have come to find some dishes that I rely on when cooking is not in my stars.  For now, It seems to be sauteed mushroom and onions and garlic.  I love it, I could eat a whole plate of that. Another is a quick tostada.  I'm still going through RHIW for recipes and trying new things.  Today I made a miso dressing!  Yum, it is so good.  Luckily, I have been saving all my glass bottles so it has a container.  It is totally fresh and organic and I love thinking I made this from "scratch" makes me feel so pioneer!!  In fact, I was thinking that very thing when I was eating the multigrain pancakes one day.  "this is probably closer to the pioneers pancakes than to our current ones".  There's something satisfying about that.  I have some beans in the pot soaking for tomorrow, dishes are done.  Why does it make me feel so homey?  I almost feel like running upstairs and grab my knitting...almost!! (there's a lot of stairs and I'm tired).  No cravings really today.  I think I may have to try out some desserts, I do have a little sweet tooth.  I think I'll wait till after the 2 week weight loss cleanse is over on Sunday.  Uggghhh, I'm so nervous about this weigh in.  Last week I had the diarreha and this week I have my period, I always gain weight and am hungry when I have my period!!  I don't want to disappoint anyone, least of all me!!  But like I said yesterday, this is a long road.  I can't be all weird about it now.  I'm just putting this out of my mind.  Tess is so nice and understanding, I don't think she'll be mad at me no matter what happens.  I just hate letting people down.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me...oh, why did I eat that dumb Taco Bell?!  I have to go to the school tomorrow for an open house for new families so I have to be prepared!!!  I will take some fresh snacks and a health bar.  See??  Pre plan, pre plan, pre plan!!  Now, up till now I haven't done any exercise.  I'm going to throw the excuse out there that it was hard enough adapting to my new eating lifestyle without throwing exercise in the mix.  But, it's getting easier and I think I'm ready.  I think I'd like to get back to Yoga again.  The teacher I had, Teiji is wonderful.  She has a studio built behind her big farmhouse.  It's really beautiful there.  Oddly enough, becoming vegan has given me some similar feelings I get when doing yoga.  Peaceful, relaxed, nicer...a conicedence?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I think it happens anytime you're working on your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  Hmmm, let's do stats.  My computer is being slow and it drives me crazy and makes me feel like I have to pee!!

Hunger:  Not as bad, I controlled it better today
Mood:  Happy =)
Cravings:  No, nothing I couldn't contron, maybe a little sweet tooth!
Health:  A little tired but feeling fine.

I've got to keep it together these last couple days of the program.  I want to finish strong.  I think I will keep following this program, maybe not as strict, but pretty close. I find I do well on it.  I'll let you all know how goes with the exercise and yoga.  Love to you all!  Goodnight and be happy =)



  1. No matter what, you're going to be a rock star in the book! You've made so many positive changes you couldn't not be. I can already think of a dozen great things to say about your rockin changes!

    I'm working on a chapter for the book that is basically "What Next?" (a follow-up plan to the 2-week)...I'll try to have it ready for everyone this weekend & I'd love feedback on what would work for you!

    Keep up the GREAT work, you are doing better than you know!!

  2. You put 'letting people down' out of your mind! That is not a positive thing to think on! You are loved and admired, that is all you need to think when you think of others. Yay for Yoga!

  3. Danielle..I will be very interested in your yoga then, yoga now, thoughts. Different or the same.