Monday, February 22, 2010

Where the Heck is the Meet up??

All right, whoooo!!  Check out how on it I am today (except for the fact I forgot to take my son to basketball practice, but that's another story!!).  I made two meals tonight, one for my family: Alton Brown's fried chicken (which I've had soaking in buttermilk for 24 hours) and for myself, my own creation:  I took leftover rice, sauteed it in a pan of olive oil & garlic.  added chili pepper, cumin, salt, canned diced tomatoes, onion & green chilies.  When that was all warm I threw in some canned black beans.  I cooked 2 red potatoes in the microwave and then cut them up put it all together in a rice burrito shell.  It was really good and I'm so smug!!  HaHa!  Another dinner challenge down.  Now you maybe wondering why the family had a meat meal since I was going to be making vegan meals.  Well, we're taking it slow.  And Rick wants me to use up as much as I can to save money and to use all the meat that's in the extra freezer.  It's a hard process, especially for kids!  We'll ease them in =)  So, I joined a vegan meet up group in Michiana.  But they don't meet!!  Heck, the creator is barely on there!  Really?  A meet up group that doesn't meet??  Sigh, I really need to find some local vegans to glean wisdom from.  My sis-in-law brought me vegan treats she found for me at the Farmer's Market!! (maybe this is where I can shop for vegan friends.  I can lurk around the vegan treat booth and strike up conversations with unwary vegan strangers!!  Sounds creepy?)  Isn't that nice?  I think my restaurant stories are bringing me sympathy treats!! Yay!  It's really rare that I get a "treat" of this nature.  Still no Wii set up, grrrr.  I really need to monitor my weight.  It is possible to be a chubby vegan, people really!!  I can still over eat on my vegan happy foods.  Hey!  I just noticed I don't have that whole seasonal depression thing going on!!  Alright then!  I contribute it to all the lemon I ingest now.  It's really hard to be depressed when you have lemons!!  Their yellow, they help weight control, they are sour but good in water and food, they are good for weight control- see?  what's not to love?!  *cut to a psychedelic scene of me dancing with lemons, like out of a pink floyd movie*  Yep, that's how weird I am.  I warned you.  You can handle it if my husband can!! hahahahaha.  Hmmm, anything else I want to ramble about?  You know I love a good ramble!!  Well, let's do stats:

Hunger:  Yes, I'm getting in a weird quasi-PMS mode where I want some heft to what I eat. Not eeling the salad right now!
Mood:  Oddly good today, despite the fact that I had to attend to the children for Spanish class.  (another story for another time).
Cravings:  Nope, just my Spanish rice & potato concoction.  I thought about it for a while.
Health:  Well, still have the nasty pimple on my chin, BUT took care of some grooming, like ridding myself of the little mustache I had going on and plucking my face and brows.  Not too shabby =)

Well, I'm getting better at this vegan thing.  My cooking comfort is coming along nicely.  I still am surprised that I am still vegan.  I never thought I could do it a day, let alone 5 weeks!  And let me reiterate just how bad I ate.  I was a meat & cheese glutton.  I still am in recovery.  I have to watch it all the time.  Habit is hard to break and then change.  One of these days I'll be cooking and I'll surprise myself when my natural instinct is to NOT lick the spoon!!  Good night ever body!  Be happy =)



  1. You should meet my cousin, Danielle! She's a baby (early 20s) but my soul sis, and has been vegan for many years. I'll FB friend suggest you guys.

    Your dinner sounds yummers!

  2. Dani-

    You are doing great! Lifestyle changes are so challenging but you are truly forming great habits that can last for life!
    For a snack item, check out Lara bars. They are vegan. You can buy them individually at Meijer. They are just delicious and great to have in a pinch on the run. Check out her site as well. Just google Lara Bars!
    Love reading your blog... you go girl!

  3. Thanks Anna, I do need those (and to keep in the car when I'm caught with nothing good around and I'm on the move!!) Anna, you are awesome and I always say that going to you for nutritional counseling is what got me to be able to get pregnant after 3 years of trying!! =)

    Thanks Tess, I think I got her! I sent her a message =) I am so lucky to have such warm and talented ex-classmates!! I am truly blessed =)

  4. I'll be interested to hear what is in that extra freezer as time goes on!!!

  5. Danielle -- hahaha, I love your blog! I just looked you up on Michiana Vegans and copied/pasted your blog URL. I didn't know that you'd blogged your frustration at the non-meeting meetup group! I understand better now your email about really wanting to come to the first meetup :) Sorry it took me so long to schedule one. Anyway, if you'd ever like to meet outside of the group, just let me know and we can get some tea at a cafe in S.B. or go vegan shopping somewhere! I've got 14 yrs. as a vegan under my belt come this May, and I'm chubby, too! It's possible! Talk to you soon.