Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Could Win This Slice of Peanutbutter Bread!

Ok, let me set the scene for you:  everyone's at the table, I put out a steaming pot of chili and pass out 5 bowls.  Everyone gets chili (even the youngest two who are looking at it critically) and when I pass my bowl for chili everyone stops.  But Mom, my oldest says, this chili has meat in it!  I just smile.  Pandemonium!!!  Ewwwwww, this is vegan chili!!  You're trying to turn me into a vegan!!  Let's get this straight.  I followed Rick's rule of "cleaning out our pantry" and "using up what we have" , it just so happened that I had TVP in the fridge.  And no, no one staked me like a vampire for trying to turn them vegan.  Although, it did seriously sound like they might at the time!  Rick had to turn eating into this very odd eating/betting/game show dinner.  Carter if you eat 1 bean you can have peanut butter bread, do you accept the challenge?  Owen, Carter says yes to 1 bean.  Do you say yes to 2 beans and steal the peanut butter bread from him?  It goes on and on till it was up to 8 beans and Owen puked getting the last 2 down.  Sigh.  Just once I'd like a "normal" dining experience!! lol.  So it was a rocky vegan dinner together, but no meat was eaten!!  One of the hardest aspects to becoming vegan is the kids.  On one hand I've been raising my kids and serving them one way.  Now all of a sudden I changed.  Is it fair to ask them to do the same?  I know I'm the adult and it's my responsibility to teach them (I'm sorry it's so late in coming), but it's very hard.  Especially when they don't want to change.  My oldest is a little easier.  He is scientific minded and has been fascinated with my new info. on plant based diets.  Even Rick is fairly easy, although he doesn't buy into how bad milk is.  He will search for hours to try to justify his inability to stop dairy consumption.  And when he finds something, then he quits listening to all the mounting data to it's negative.  Whatever, I can't change him.  But it's killing me with the kids.  I can't in good conscience do it anymore!!  I will use up what we have, but change is coming like it or not.  I think back to when my kids were little and none of them liked milk (I never had either, I drank water at school) and I used to take so much abuse from people on them not drinking it.  Now I feel slightly justified, and a little smug 'cause we're ahead of the game (not really because we all don't drink milk but we all inexplicably like dairy products- go figure!).  I think what's important is that I'm explaining and showing them there is a different way of eating out there.  There is information out there that we are not hearing.  We, as a planet need to be more careful in how we are living our lives and at what cost.  I am not perfect (and trust me my kids see that too), but I can make them more aware.  They may not always eat vegan, but at least they'll understand what it means.  Who knows, maybe eventually we'll have a bidding war on vegetable eating?  I can only hope =)  Let's do stats:

Hunger:  ugh, no full!
Mood: good =)
Cravings: none. maybe a little salt, but nothing specific.
Health: pretty good! (still have pimple =P)

Well, it was nothing if not interesting tonight.  I can't wait to see what they say about the quinoa...mwaahaaha!!  Try to "steak"  (tee hee I'm funny!) count vegan, I dare you!!
Good night everyone!! Be healthy! =)


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  1. GO, MOM of the YEAR, GO!!! You are doing a good job with your boys (all 4!)hang in there, enjoy the ride! Rick is creative, that's wonderful!