Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tools for Life

Well, I know we're supposed to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves, but sometimes it's hard.  Like today when I went to go pick up my youngest (Carter) from preschool.  I got there early, and instead of milling about in the lobby, I decided to take this time to pluck my eyebrows.  My mini van in the middle of the day is the best place to do this.  The mirror is nice and close, the natural light illuminates my face perfectly so I can see every hair.  It was iluuminated so nicely in fact that I got a good look at my face!  AHhhhhhhh!!!  I look like the wolf girl escaped from the circus.  Good Lord!  I was just doing luch duty in the school, those kids are going to make fun of me and call me "hairy".  Hello, Mrs. Hairy.  I don't even care if other parents in that parking lot were watching, I was dethatching my brows (which looks like Brezhnev's if I don't shape them and maintain them), pluching my chin and my upper lip (I have a lucky, lucky husband) till I was red.  Then all the lines and menstration induced pimples became apparent.  It was then that I remembered why make-up was invented.  I looked in my Whole Foods Encyclopedia, but I didn't see anything about eating for unwanted facial hair.  That's a little dissapointing.  Mostly because I see that there is no "cure all" for everything that is unwanted.  I have to keep myself grounded in realizing that being vegan is not the answer to everything.  There will still be moustache hairs and chin hairs.  I cannot hide behind the food and say "fix me".  Althought this diet is very benneficial, I must still see there is work to do.  I still have to exercise and pluck my face and clean the house (wow, I can dream though..."carrot, get busy with the dishes while radish dusts!").  All we can do is pick our tools in life that helps us the best.  This is why not everyone is vegan or vegetarian or Catholic.  For now my tool of choice is being vegan.  A long time ago, I realized that the people you surround yourself with is very important to your well being.   They are tools for life as well.  And I'm talking about the people very closest to you.  I was at a time in my life when I felt very sad or let down by people.  #1 I learned people are who they are and people can only give you what they have in their ability to give.  If this is unsatisfactory to you, you need to decide if they're worth keeping in your life or not.  If they are, quit feeling bad all the time and accept them for who they are and what they bring.  Adjust what you bring if you need to.  If they are not worth it, cut them.  Nicely, but do it.  It is up to you and no one else to make you happy.  Life is always happening, you have to move on in a positive way.  The #2 thing I learned is that if I surrounded myself with people I admired qualities in, then I learned from them.  What are Mom's told us as teens is so true!  My closest friends, every one of them are people I highly admire for many reasons.  What I give them, I get back.  These are enriching mutually benneficial (I hope!) relasionships.  What does this have to do with food?  Well, I'm glad you asked!!  I have chosen my diet to be like my friendships.  This tool to get me through life MUST be giving as well as getting.  I must do my part of the relationship (exercising, cleaning, preparing meals, buying whole organic foods...) to reap the bennefite (and there's many) to my new diet.  It's not easy.  No, relationship is.  But it takes us both.  I'm just glad I figured this out =)  Here's stats:

Hunger:  Very today for lunch, I was in the lunchroom and ate late!!
Mood:  Happy!!
Cravings:  Nope
Health:  Very good, even with the period and zits and....(whisper) facial hair!!

Here's to you all out there, thanks for reading mmy blog and giving me support.  May you all be surrounded by the very greatest of friends and tools to get you through your life =)  We're all in this together, always remember that!  Goodnight and good health =)



  1. I am glad you figured it out too! Thanks for sharing the special things! We ARE in this together, I won't forget!! You are a precious teamate and friend.

  2. I panicked when I woke up this morning that I didn't get a blog from you...what if I stop reading Facebook, you need to add my email to the list it goes out to so I get it immediately. :)Great entry...and yes I remember those years of having not such nice friends by your side --- very lonely, I am glad I have learned my lesson.
    Take care,