Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taco Bell hell!

Wow, today was an eater day for me.  I ate WAY to much and was tempted sorely.  It started out just fine.  I drank my lemon water and had a cup of whole fruit (raspberries).  But then I was still hungry, so I ate an Amy's organic breakfast burrito.  Then I had to get ready and take Logan to the Dr. and I ALWAYS have to look good to go to the Dr.  Mostly cause I have a crush on him, but also because I try to pull myself together for people I don't see that often.  Normally I rarely wear make-up but for the Dr., I put on the works.  It took a little long, as I was deciding if black eyeliner was a little much for 11:40 a.m.  So, I was running late and planned poorly.  Of course we had to wait and by the timewe were done it was 1:00.  We went to the grocery store and shopped around while they filled his medecine and I was starving.  I wanted meat, I wanted everything!  Donuts, meat, tofu, it didn't matter.  Fortunately, I made it out without spending too much but they had a good Kombucha variety, so I stocked up on that.  But we were starving for lunch and my son begged Taco Bell.  Now, I love Taco Bell.  I told you I love all the bad stuff.  I did eat Taco Bell, but I got a bean burrito Fresco style (no cheese).  That's not too bad but I got a 7 layer burrito too (minus sour cream and cheese).  I could've stopped after the first, but I was so hungry I kept going.  Here's the thing.  Before, as in 2 1/2 weeks ago, I probably would've had 3 or 4 items!!  But I felt bad.  But not too bad to eat Chinese food for dinner!!!  Yep, I just said that.  On top of it all, I ate bean curd for dinner.  Which was awesome, but bad in a delicious way.  I think I have to write this day off as an eater day and turn the page.  Fortunately, I haven't messed tomorrow up so there's all day to make better choices.  It's funny though, I've been so much better about listening to my body that when I over ate today I really notice how I feel.  I don't like it.  Once again it comes down to not having a plan.  In my defense, with going to the was hard.  Of course, if I wouldn't have spent so much time primping, I might have been able to throw some healthy snacks together.  Oh, well.  It's all a learning experience.  At least I didn't eat any animal products, which is the thing I would have been sick about if I'd done.  Let's do stats:

Hunger:  Yes, very.
Mood:  Good, happy.
Cravings: Yes, I wanted everything.
Health:  Feeling good.

I definitely am starting to be able (where I never could before) know when to stop eating.  But I obviously still have some pitt falls to watch.  I still have some over eating tendacies that get triggered when I'm really hungry.  I'm still learning, stumbling.  It's a long road, so I'm not going to beat my self up for it.  I have all of you giving me support and that means a lot.  Thanks everyone.  Good night, I hope you are all healthy and happy =)



  1. mmm, taco bell. i read one time (and always thought it a good idea but never put into practice) to stock your car with water and healthy snacks that don't perish for those unplanned emergencies. by the way, what's the name of this doctor?

  2. I keep Clif Nectar bars in the cars. They don't go bad & are made from whole foods.

    Overall though, you are doing great!! Great attitude, great job. And you could have done much worse. Even I have eater days sometimes...but the difference between what I do now & what I did when I was obese is that it's an eater day, not an eater week (or month or year!!).

    Keep up the goodness!

  3. YES, TURN THE PAGE! You will do better today. NO animal products and all that temptation, good for you!!

  4. Thanks you guys!! Even though it was an eater day, I'm glad I didn't eat animal products!! I am doing better today and keeping things in the car sounds like a good idea! Renee- I'll never tell his name!!!!;)