Tuesday, February 16, 2010

not the stir fry!!

Well I didn't blog last night because I went out to dinner with my mom & Dad & sister and brother in law.  We went to Yesterday's which takes forever to eat.  We had reservations for 7:00 and we weren't done until 10:30!!  On a Monday!!  Wow, did I have a sad, sad vegan night out.  I looked ahead of time and chose 1 of 2 meals that were anywhere close to vegan.  They really should call the restaurant Meat R Us because it's clearly what they specialize in and there's not many meatless options, at least not swimming in butter and draped with cheese (all of which looked delicious mind you).  So I chose vegetable stir fry (mental shake of head).  Not always the greatest choice when not somewhere that specializes in stir fry like, say, an Asian restaurant.  First, happily (as I was starving) I ate the bread and it was sour dough so that was fine.  They even rounded me up some olive oil and herbs to dip it in.  But my meal came and it had gigantic peppers of the rainbow about the size of my hand in there. I'm not a huge fan of green peppers.  The other colors I can deal with if small, but not this hand thing. (remember I don't really enjoy vegetables? welcome to my hell!!)  Then, as I was eating I found a sticker left on a carrot stick (they were huge chunks of all the vegetables).  So while I waited for my meal to be fixed my mom & husband kept passing me their mushrooms to munch on.  Especially since they both picked what I WOULD have gotten had I still been eating meat.  Well, I was so hungry it didn't occur to me that MAYBE they were cooked in butter!! (more later on that).  They brought it back and really by this point I wished they hadn't bothered because I wasn't enjoying the flavor of peppers and heavy bottled teriyaki sauce drowning the rice and veggies.  So then dessert comes and everyone picks these insanely large items and all I get are 5 huge strawberries and some chocolate sauce (non-dairy).  My stupid berries were $11.00!!!  Rick's pie was less!  By now my stomach started to hurt (mushrooms in butter!!) and it was a miserable drive home (in the blowing snow!!).  All night, all I could think about was how bad I felt after eating just a little butter; I can't imaging what I'd feel like if I had grabbed my sister's cheesecake and stuffed it down like I'd wanted to!  I felt stuffed, but in comparison I barely ate compared to the rest of them.  I definitely have gotten used to eating less.  Or I can listen to my body better, one or the other or both!!  Man that was a disappointing night out, for me not worth the money at all.  I do find I eat out a lot less now.  Probably for this reason.  Well, I should do stats since my dumb dog broke my vase!!

Hunger: no, stomach not right since mushroom debacle!
Mood: not too good. vase =(  grrrrrr.
Cravings: no.  I got an eyeball full of meat and cheese, but I survived.
Health:  Stomach not good!!  No more dairy!!!!

Clearly this was a good restaurant, just not too vegan friendly.  That's fine, I don't expect to be catered to but it would be nice to have a place to go to!!  Good Night Everyone, be happy =) (or not if you're trying to glue a vase back together)



  1. I've been dragged to that vegan hell before, Danielle!! Every summer I visit, certain relatives of mine want to eat there. I've gotten out of it for the last few years though. I have very un-fond memories of it!! Blech.

    (I have a vague memory of only being able to eat greasy onion rings and an iceberg salad...this is why people think us vegans can't eat anything!!!)

  2. In time...vegan heaven places will emerge as the new norm!!! Hold on!! (And believe me I feel like we will be the last place in the country to have that norm!!) It will happen, until then we have such wonderful resources for recipes and the information to be happy and healthy! GOOD FOR US! That said, I am beginning to hate to eat out!

    One of the better company dinners with my husband mine consisted of baked potato and french fries!

  3. Hahaha Tracy! Would you like potatoes with your potato?? I hope that day comes soon because I need to get out every now and then!! Tess, next time you are in town call me! I will make you food here instead of you eating there again!! I would physically (as opposed to emotionally) kidnap you so you couldn't go! =) Eating out has become almost too difficult to be worth it. Today I got a bean, rice and potato burrito at a restaurant. I had to send it back once cause they put cheese on it, and then after I ate, I experienced painful stomach and bloating which leads me to believe they snuck butter on the potatoes!! It is sooo hard.

  4. Danielle, I visit S. Bend every summer. I've found it easy to eat out vegan, but hard to eat out HEALTHY vegan.

    Sometimes we go to Indian restaurants, but lately the ones in South Bend seem so unhealthy compared to the one near me (or what I make myself, of course).

    I do like Elia's over in Roseland though - for a treat, they have super yummy baba ganoush, falafel, ful mudhamas, etc.... And the owner is a bunnyheart.

    It would be fun to see you though! Make sure I have your phone # before June so I can look you up! :D