Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, take a picture. I think I'm full!!

I've noticed that when I go to restaurants the easier places to go are either Asian restaurants or Mexican.  They usually have food I can work with.  Most other restaurants have 1 or 2 "vegetarian" dishes and inevitably one is always stir-fry of dubious freshness.  Tonight I went to a Mexican restaurant and I got a black bean and rice burrito which was really good.  But when I asked for no cheese or sour cream sauce, the lady looked at me like I was nuts and said: "well what are you going to have on it?"  I don't see why this should be so shocking, I mean haven't they had people in there before who is watching their fat content, let alone a vegan?  I guess people for the most part are shocked and concerned about what I can and can't eat.  I joke with my friend who has birds that a seed bell she bought for them as a treat is really a treat for me.  And I really think some people picture that.  I know I did before becoming vegan.  Now, I'm truly amazed at what I can eat and what I don't miss anymore.  I've even gotten better drinking water out.  I would never drink water at a restaurant 'cause I just pictured it as a slew of contaminated chemicals which it probably is, but less so than the diet pop I used to drink.  Anyway, I really noticed that I eat a lot less than I used to (except for all the chips I ate cause they kept us waiting and I was STARVING).  I got the smaller size rather than the large and I felt full after eating it.  Not so the case before.  I never could tell when I was full and I'd just keep on going until literally I was about to puke from being so full.  I wonder about that now.  Why can I tell I'm full now, but I couldn't then?  I really did try too.  I knew I ate too much.  I knew I needed to stop, but I couldn't tell when.  Maybe it's like an alcoholic not being able to stop drinking when they've had enough.  I really wonder why that would change now.  I've heard many things like there's a link to people not knowing when to stop eating because of a bacteria or lack of bacteria.  I don't know.  I suppose it could be plausible.  I will just enjoy the fact I CAN stop now.  Ah, feels good to be back in control of my body!  Let's do stats:

Hunger:  Not too hungry today until dinner.
Mood:  I'm good =)
Cravings: No, not even at the restaurant
Health:  Feeling lean and mean...(see mood) hahahaha

Just a follow up on the last blog.  I cleaned my kitchen good (I had to for my husband's poker night) and think I'm ready to get into the cooking groove again.  Going out to dinner tonight helped that as well.  Oh, I'm so mad a whole loaf of my sprouted bread sprouted mold!! grrrrrrrr.  Ha, thought I'd better get that off my chest as well!  Good night everyone, be happy =)



  1. Our Mexican puts 'broth' in their rice and lard in their beans! It is nice when I eat Mexican somewhere other than here, where they actually have black beans and don't contaminate the food, ha. Here, I eat a lettuce, bell pepper and onion salad w/ salsa on it for dressing! Seed bell made me think of the Magical Mulitgrain Pancake Mix from RHIW that I made yesterday, YUMMY!Pancakes took 10 min or so to make this morning. I'm sorry about your sprouted bread, cost way too much for it to be rainbow colored...I keep it in the freezer. I'm sorry I got off talking about all the food stuff...told you I like the subject :)

    I am feeling your lean-mean shining looks good on you! woo hoo!

  2. That's so interesting Danielle!

    Have you ever thought of the possibility that you can tell you're full now because your body is getting the nutrients it wants/needs? This has always been my theory, and your story seems like it fits that.

    It takes a lot more junk to get in all your vital nutrients, so you'd have to eat more to be satisfied! But a little healthy food and the body's like "I'm all set! Got my vitamins and I'm happy!"

    Keep up the great work - you are giving more than you know to the world.