Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shaping Dumplings??

So I was thinking tonight as I watched my children eating, I feel guilty for what I've been feeding them!  I've really been sort of self-involved these last 3 weeks and now it's time to start spreading what I've learned to them.  This is great and super awesome parenting, but there's just one problem...Okay, maybe three: Logan, Owen and Carter.  Tonight I absolutely made Owen and Carter eat 2 carrots (pieces, let's not get crazy!) and broccoli pieces.  They acted like I was poisoning them.  Logan at least ate a salad.  Then I was trying to explain the whole organic and whole foods idea and their eyes glazed over and a little bit of drool came out their mouths.  And when I tried to read to my husband out loud from the Whole Foods Enyclopedia, they kept interrupting me and when chastised by my husband, they looked blankly at me like they blocked my voice from their hearing.  blah, blah, blah ,blah vegetables.  That's all they hear.  I was horrified thinking about what path we may have started them on.  Is it any wonder though?  I mean I just followed the ways of my family and they theirs, and so on.  It truly is hard breaking from the mold and then to have to break out your husband and kids too.  I really am trying with the kids.  My husband, he's like me a product of our early environment.  But the kids, we are responsible for them. If we don't teach them, then who knows if they'll ever get it.  Look how long it took me for crying out loud!!  I don't even want to read THEIR blogs someday.  I could tell Owen and Carter were not happy about the vegetables by the way they were gunning for me while playing Uno.  That's okay.  I'll be the bad guy if it means I can get those kids to eat anything remotely healthy!  I am slowly phasing out some things I used to buy.  I just cannot do it anymore.  I cannot let my kids  eat what I know is so bad that I won't touch now.  And I'm starting slow, like junk processed foods.  I'm not even talking about meat yet.  But we've been talking about them eating some vegan meals.  We are still talking.  But that's good.  At least we are talking about it.  I just want to shape my kids eating habits to be healthy.  I don't want to shape them into dumplings!!  At least I have the tools now to help them.  At least now I know what to do.  I never usually dwell in guilt.  Guilt is just an indicator you either have to apologize about something or change something.  To dwell in guilt is really couter-productive to getting on living your life.  So, signal received, change....coming.  No more guilt.  See how that works?   Good grief, are you all tired of me dronning on my philosophies to you yet?  Well, really my blog is a dumping ground for the things I think about.  Sorry!!  (I do A LOT of thinking, hahaha).  Oh well, reader beware!  You may get caught in the cobwebs of my brain =).  Ugh, I'm tired.  Let's do stats:

Hunger: controlled
Mood:  Great, till Spanish class with the K-garteners and 1st graders.
Cravings: None
Health:  Headache (after Spanish class...what did I expect?)

I forgot to mention I have TMJ.  I can get mega headaches just from a change in weather and pressure.  I haven't been effected for a while.  Maybe new diet helps?  I don't know it can't be worse though!!  Good Night everyone, you're all awesome =)  Be happy!


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  1. I never thought of myself as a spider in someone's mental web...make their eating FUN!! How can you make eating vegs fun for boys? I don't know, I only have 1 daughter. But I was thinking about those knives or kitchen scissors that are childproof...if I were a young boy I would like to cut...could they cut vegs as long as they eat what they cut...that sort of thing?? You are a fun person, I have no doubt that you can come up with a creative interesting way for them to eat vegs....be positive, look for any good eating to praise them for and be easy on criticism, look the other way. I am excited to hear more about the changes in your families eating.