Sunday, March 21, 2010

Staying Grounded

Okay, first of all I'm sorry it's taken so long.  Second, I apologize in advance, because it might be a while after this before I can blog again.  Monday begins the week long Scholastic Book Fair at my kid's school that I co-chair.  You wouldn't think that a simple book fair could drain someone, but we have lots going on during it: trivia contests every day, a gumball guess, a special visitor day, ice cream social & sock hop...  It'll be crazy!  Fortunately, I'm trying to plan ahead for my eating so I don't get stuck with food all around me but nothing vegan.  As the weather turns nice (although it's cold as I type this), my thoughts have been turning to organic gardens and lawn care.  I am wanting to really learn more and do these things (like compost) but have never done it and don't know where to start.  Anybody out there compost and can give me some direction?  There's literally 50 different compost drums you can buy!  It can be a little over whelming exploring these new directions I'm taking my life.  I become a little timid about trying something new.  Tess, who wrote "Radiant Health, Inner Wealth" (and if you've followed my blog at all, know she's my vegan mentor), has been blogging her first foray into making her own Kombucha.  This is so cool, something I would love to do, but lack the confidence to take that step into actually trying it.  I don't know where this fear is coming from.  I mean if you mess it up, you mess it up!  Who cares, right?  This is going to have to be something I need to work on.  I noticed it coming out more during all this "change".   I keep getting burned by hidden egg whites and hidden cheese.  I have become so disillusioned with restaurant salad dressing, that I'm starting to carry mine around!  I had a Greek Salad somewhere, and became suspicious later (the colon never lies!) that there was cheese in it.  When I went shopping later I looked at the ingredients in Greek Dressing and yes, feta cheese was in it.  I learned 2 things this day: 1. don't trust employees as to the ingredients, they have no clue (in most places...not all...but most!).  2.  Take more responsibility for the foods I eat.  Meaning, I can be mad at these places, but really it's my health and lifestyle choice that's slightly NOT mainstream, so I have to be more vigilant.  So, I pulled out RHIW and got busy making sauces.  I get so busy in my life I forget what a pleasure it is to make food.  Especially, food that is so good for me!  I think that this is a normal pattern. Life, like an undertow, can keep slowly dragging us off the course we want to take.  When we finally notice that we've drifted, we get back where we want to be.  So, now I'm going to be focusing on staying where I need to be as my life (this week in particular) tries to pull me away.  It's the little things that can keep us rooted.  Composting, bottling my own salad dressing, meditating to keep my ear turned inwards to listen to my body.  When I get too crazy from the busyness of life, that's when I don't hear my body as well or I misunderstand it's needs.  That's probably why I have been falling way short of my 4 to 6 cups of veggies a day.  I gotta keep in the moment.  And right now my body wants green (green= healthy) pancakes =).  Let's do stats!

Hunger:  had uncontrolled eating last night.  I put this down to not eating a balanced diet recently.
Mood:  Pretty good.
Cravings:  No, not really.  I kind of been wanting vegan sweets (I don't get them often, but sometimes I REALLY want one!).
Health:  Really good.  No illnesses since beginning this lifestyle. 

My goal this week is to stay focused and handle all the chaos around me.  I also, need to stay focused as I go about making more changes in my life.  I think if I can keep grounded it will help me be less frightened of doing what I need to do to make the changes that I want.  Be happy everyone! =)



  1. We acquired a compost drum from a neighbor. It is pretty easy to do, but I have no clue about the differences among all of them. We do keep a covered bucket (like an old ice cream pail) under our kitchen sink. That way, we can put the egg shells, banana there instead of always running outside to the drum. Once the pail is full, we make one trip to dump it in. The cover is critical - I am sure you can guess why......
    Good luck! Vegitarian is tough enough in this world, let alone vegan.

  2. I can hook you up with some of scarlets treats (like the rice crispy one I gave you...Wednesday.... just let me know. If you ever start a garden, I can hook you up with some real garden fertilizer...from our cows...we have had people drive 2 hours to get our doo doo...believe me it makes a big difference in our garden. Keep it look awesome, but the most important thing is you feel great and it shows! Love ya.

  3. I just has a compost pile in the back yard. A drum makes turning the compost easier, but I do mine the frugal way with a pitch fork. To learn more about composting, organic gardening and such, join some groups that are based on the topic. I have joined a bunch on face book and some internet based forum groups where I can type my question and get answers.

    I like the bucket idea! I'm going to start using that!

  4. My composting technique?
    1. Throw out scraps on the dirt.
    2. If really motivated, bury them with more dirt.

    This is how everyone I know does it - it works, just takes longer to compost than doing it "right."

  5. Thanks everyone for your input!! I am planning a garden, Mic so I may take you up on your poop! LOL Yes, I'll buy some treats...especially that crispy yummy thing mmmmmm, now I want it!!

  6. The scholastic books, Shaper, is a great one for little older kids. It is about clicker training, like the conference I just got back from....anyway, I wanted to say this was very inspiring to me...I too have fear issues and I intend to hit them head on and work on it.
    Thank you for that!! Good luck this week and I look forward to cyber meeting up with you when you get time. I missed you............