Sunday, March 7, 2010

We've Got Juice!!

Wow, It's my birthday and I'm so high on juice...fresh juice.  BECAUSE I GOT A JUICER!!!  Yay!!!!!  My sis-in-law and in-laws went together and got me a high powered awesome juice-a-matic!  So I've been playing with it, concocting different blends, forcing my children to unconsciously consume  vegetables!!  Bwaaahaaahaaa (cue maniacal laughter).  And my sis-in-law made me a vegan birthday cake with vegan frosting!!!! It was very special.  And just when I thought my birthday was over, my friend brought me a present and got me a FOOD PROCESSOR!!!!  Can you believe it?  I about died, I wanted one so bad!!  And it's a really good one too!  Now I'm going to have to make some really awesome kick butt food for them all.  And juice.  It's just amazing the awesome people I have in my life.  Did you see my status on Facebook?  I fit into the "thinner" jeans now.  You know, they're the ones you DIDN'T try on at the store but thought you were safe because they are your size and then you get them home and find out they are actually like a size smaller.  Yep, I found a pair in a box marked: "can't fit right now" (notice I try to stay positive with the "right now").  They still had the tags on them, because like an idiot I didn't try them on (I'll do just about anything to not have to try things on with the 80 sided mirror and florescent lighting highlighting every fat dimple on me!!) and so of course they didn't fit.  However, I can now add them to my bonus jeans =).  Now I have to share with you a HAPPY restaurant moment (I have to add the good ones when they happen since I always complain of the bad!).  We went to Uptown Kitchen and they use mostly organic foods and had more than 2 choices for vegans and that DIDN'T include salad or going out in the back and eating grass!!  It was very good. Very healthy.  I think the happy restaurant experience combined with the sun makes me feel hopeful for Spring, for me, for the name it!!  Speaking of which (and I don't know what that means exactly but felt it was appropriate here) I won a free t-shirt online!  All you had to do was respond to a post on this vegetarian site and they'd choose a winner, but no one did but me, so I won!!  It says "No Meat Athlete".  I am totally excited about it!!  I'll probably work out more when I wear it (cause, you know, I have to live up to that kind of title), which means at this time next year I'll be a hundred pounds lighter and I'll be in People magazine's "They lost half their size" article and I'll talk about Tess and she'll become hugely famous and they'll tell Dr. Oz to hit the bricks because there's a new guru in town!!!!  Whew!  I love a long winded sentence =)  And if that wasn't crazy enough for you, I have plenty more coming don't you worry!  I also think I am quite addicted to exclamation points.  I can't really be expected to give them up, I mean I already gave up meat, eggs, dairy and caffeine for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I threw in some extra for dramatic effect).  My family, (sister, bro-in-law, mom & dad) went to Florida for my birthday as they do every year.  Now I have to take care of my Sister's devil cat.  She is the nutsiest cat around with ISSUES!!  I may have to hold a cheeto for her to lick.  No lie. And you can't turn on a ceiling fan because she freaks out.  So I better go to bed with these kind of responsibilities on my back!  Stats baby:

Huger:  I ate a lot today and didn't care.  Today is my birthday and tomorrow is not.  I had fun with a littl indulgence today =)
Cravings:  Nope!
Mood:  It's my birthday, how could I be anything but happy!
Health:  Great!!

I keep forgetting to buy batteries for the Wii Board so I can weigh in.  I'm not too concerned because I feel good and fit into smaller clothes.  Thank you all for reading my blog, I can't tell if people are or not except when they comment.  So thank you everybody who reads here and I don't know it.  I'm off to bed!  Good Night and be happy =)



  1. . . . coming out of the anonymous reader closet. Love your blog and hearing how you feel about making the switch to veganism. Tess convinced me to go vegetarian almost 20 years ago, and I'm slowly eliminating dairy and eggs. Your blog is really inspiring. Thanks!

  2. Oh I was so hoping that you would have just the kind of day you had for your birthday!!! I am very happy for you and excited to hear all the kitchen kickin with the new appliances!!! (!!!!)Congrats on the new'll have to post a pic of you in it.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL, thank you Sarah for coming out of the reader closet!! I'm so glad you like it and keep coming back for my craziness!! =)

    Thanks Tracy, I'm REALLY bad at posting pictures. I'll try though =)

    Tess, thanks for the ! I always can use a few extra ;)