Monday, March 8, 2010

A harmonious Balance

Ughhh!  I can't believe how important it is to stay up on stuff.  I turn around for one minute (okay, it was more like a couple of weeks..but it seemed fast!) and my potatoes have sprouted (and I don't think that's a good thing like beans), onions became strong (and I didn't even notice them pumping weights..haha), cilantro gone limp, toilet paper disappeared, dinners unplanned, laundry piled up, dishes gone crazy and me looking around to see who made the mess so I can blame them!  And then my darling of a husband (said with a hint of sarcasm) said we are having poker here this week!!  That would be HIS weekly game.  Maybe I should serve them a vegan feast!! I would if I didn't think they'd boohoo over it.  No, they want meat and meat they must have!  However, I am almost done with my frozen meat in the extra freezer.  Remember how Rick wants me to use it all up before serving vegan meals at night?  Yeah, it's stretching my imagination a bit.  And now I don't even really feel like thinking about meat let alone cooking it.  I still have a lot of ground turkey frozen in there.  I could make them turkey burgers.  I'm not going to worry about that right now.  First thing is first, I must plan, plan, plan our meals.  Otherwise I'll be eating my left over birthday cake for lunch.  I don't even want any today.  It's the most sugar I've eaten in 2 months and I can't believe how immune I am to it's sugary siren's call.  And that's not all, now I eat veggies I never would have eaten before.  It was so right that my tastes would change.  And before it was hard sometimes to eat all my servings of veggies, but now I can get a couple in with fresh juice.  That thing is so awesome.  And the dried up bits of waste is perfect for composting!!  Now I have to get a compost drum, especially since I want to start an organic garden this year.  I want to, but I don't know if it'll happen or not!  This will be our first spring and full summer in this house and I'm not sure what the yard is like yet.  I do believe it's very sandy dirt.  And we have a rather neglected apple tree I want to coax into giving more apples (organically of course) this year. It's times like this I miss Rick's Grandma the most.  She had the best apple tree.  And thinking of her makes me think of my juicer my mom found for me.  Do I still use it?  Heck yeah I do!  It's perfect for my morning lemon water.  And it's a nice reminder of where we came from.  Before the beautiful electric super juicer, there was just a simple aluminum tool, powered by muscle.  I love it really.  They sit side by side on my counter. Present meets past.  I like that.  I embrace both the old and the new, I think we can learn from them.  It gives me a nice complete harmonious feeling.  Am I getting to deep?  I think so for the time of night I'm typing this.  I get a little contemplative later in the evening.  Ahh, is that the gentle beep of a washer done?  Yes, I do believe it is.  Good, now the kids will have clean uniforms for tomorrow!! Hooray!  Score one for the bad housekeeper.  Hey, I was volunteering at the school.  Mon. after school is Spanish Club with the Kindergarteners and 1st graders.  I was creatively playing "around the world" and "red light green light" using Spanish words. However, occasionally I did slip with French.  I really don't know Spanish all that well, I took French in college.  That's when my preschooler Carter (he goes with me of course), who happens to be very good at languages, says: "Mom that's French, that doesn't count!".  Just so you know there's an actual Spanish teacher with 1/2 the kids and I'm just watching the other half until it's their turn or it's time to go home.  What does this have to do with eating a plant based diet?  Nothing! hahahahaha.  I think it's time for me to go to bed, I'm getting slap happy.  Let's do the stats:

Hunger:  I'm good.
Mood:  Good
Cravings:  None
Health:  A lot of sickness around me, I better juice!! =)

I am kind of an easy going, non structured kind of person.  So it's rather difficult for me to maintain the structure of the planned menus, although I do see it's benefit.  I do well for a while and then (like now) I fall off and revert to chaos.  If I could combine the two states of being, it would be nice and harmonious.  I'll keep working on that and let you know!! =)  Good night everybody, be happy!



  1. Ah, organized chaos.....what a lovely thought! Let me know if you ever figure it out!! Maybe we could contemplate it over juice. I am VERY jealous about the juicer. I've wanted one forever, I just don't think James really believes me on that one. Hmmm, Mother's Day is coming up so feel free to slip him some hints!

  2. Okay, Anne! One day when I'm over there, we'll have to talk about my juicer and you can sigh wistfully about wanting one, but you don't think it'll ever happen =). Although James is a WAY better gift giver than Rick. Remember? You got an IPOD touch for Christmas!! Meanwhile, we'll work on the controlled chaos theory ;)

  3. Well you could do worse slipping with
    French, French fries, French bread, you beat Julie and're Dani and Tess!!

    sorry it took me so long to comment..

  4. Tracy you're nutty!! =) LOL (in a good way) where have you been lately??

  5. Dani, you bring out the best/true me. You'd be surprised the people that are close to me that have never seen this side of me!! I'll write you soon and let you know where I have been.

  6. Danielle, you have the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that meat in your freezer in one fell swoop! (sp?) Anyway, those poker boys can eat it all then you'll be sittin pretty with a clean slate of a freezer!!!
    "Every obstacle is an opportunity."

    And it's fine to have a little disorganization once in a while - it will balance out, as you're doing so amazing overall!! Look at all your changes you've been making, it's incredible!!!