Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bonus Pants

Hello!!!  Long time no see right?  Well, I had a lot going on!  I had my son's birthday sleep over with a family party the next day.  Really busy!!  I couldn't write in my blog because there were 9 year old boys running all over my house shooting Nerf guns at each other.  It was a little distracting to say the least.  Anyway, remember the old fashion juicer I was getting from my Mom?  I LOVE it!  It makes me so happy to use it.  And I didn't even spend any money, which makes my husband happy.  Having a cooking low point right now.  Don't feel like doing it, so I been relying on my old easy things to make like, mushrooms, burritos, etc.  I did make "perfect Pintos" from RHIW (Radiant Health, Inner Wealth for those of you just joining me.  Written by my friend and guru of all things healthy & vegan, Tess Challis) and then made refried beans from them for Logan's "family" party.  Everyone liked them and some were impressed they were from "scratch".  I was amazed at how easy it was to do it, and it seemed so much fresher and better textured than from a can.  I really am getting into eating fresh.  Speaking of that, I STILL haven't weighed myself, but get this!  I had a pile of jeans sitting on the floor in the closet that I couldn't fit (too small) that used to drive my husband CRAZY.  I kept meaning to put them away, but never seemed to get around to it.  Well, I was in a panic for some pants and spied those on the floor and I thought: well, I'll give them a try.  I fit every pair!  Even better, there were these ones I never fit, (they were snug in the waist when I bought them) and they fit great.  Now it's like I suddenly have bonus pants!  YAY.  I like bonus pants.  Pants always seem to be the hard things to find.  Especially work out pants for the chubby girl!!  It's hard enough to get myself to do it, let alone in pants that my show every ripple and dimple.  If you've never been significantly over weight, it's hard to imagine the strain on your body from the extra pounds.  Try to imagine wearing a cloak that weighs 100 pounds and you get an idea.  People often think fat people are lazy, but in reality it is a lot harder for them to do what an average weight person does (again, imagine the cloak).  It becomes a vicious circle of not being able to work out because it's so hard and humiliating.  I will tell you this:  I have been really thin and I have been really heavy.  Life is way harder on so many levels for the heavy, but I do believe I am a better person now for it.  I have learned as much as I possibly can from this weight and I'm ready to now lose it again.  So with losing the little bit of weight I have lost and with my new way of eating, I have more energy now to exercise.  Trust me, cause it takes A LOT to get me to put on spandex pants and haul my large rump up on a tread mill!!  But I've been doing it.  It's been really different for me eating this way. I have way mor energy to do the things I want to do and I have been way more in tune with my body. It's been saying "orange juice" today.  The weird thing is, I know I must really need it for some reason (trying to ward off illness??) because when I drink it at any other time it will hurt my stomach.  It doesn't hurt my stomach when my body wants it.  Freaky!!  I love that I can tell what I need versus cravings.  And I really don't crave anymore either.  The feeling of control is empowering.  And the extra pants are nice too =).  Let's do stats:

Hunger: very manageable.  I had some extra hunger today, but I fed it and it went away =)
Mood: well, it was a full moon last night!! hahahahaha
Cravings: None!
Health:  I may jinx myself for saying this, but other than the poop attack during week 2 or 3 of becoming vegan (detoxing?) I have not been ill.  This could be a record, which is sad because I have a crush on my Dr. and like to see him!! ;)

Everything fits me again, so even though I haven't been weighing myself, it must be good news.  My husband hooked the Wii back up, but now I have to  find batteries for the board.  I promise to get the results to you soon!!  Sun is shining again, weight is coming off; yep, I think it'll be a great spring!  Good Night Everyone, Be happy =)



  1. Oh Danielle I am happy VERY VERY happy for you, your pants, your family juicer and to have a great friend like you!

  2. Thanks Tracy, I am happy too!! =)

  3. Yay for your bonus pants!!!! Keep up the serious butt kickin!